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How can I assure a leak-free connection?

A simple procedure to assure a leak-free connection for the life of your new garden hose, we recommend, disconnecting and reconnecting the hose from any standard metal faucet/hose bib and/or metal hose attachment a minimum of 3 times per year. This procedure helps maintain a proper seal for the washer and loosens any possible corrosion evident caused by weather or environmental elements which can cause the hose to fuse to the faucet or attachment. Always inspect the washer for the proper placement and clear any type of build- up on the faucet or coupling.

For easy use follow the break-in procedures below:

  • Uncoil and straighten hose to full length.
  • Attach hose to faucet, then attach nozzle.
  • Turn water on full and let trapped air out with nozzle.
  • Pull hose straight to remove any twists caused by packaging.
  • Turn off water, release pressure at nozzle and coil as usual.